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The Management Credo of Takamatsu Construction Group is "we conduct the construction business as a mutually complimentary activity vital to society".

We shall take full responsibility to construct buildings that are safe and useful to society. It is our duty to create better relationships and pursue social responsibility with our clients, business partners and employees, as well as our country, local societies, nature and global environment.

With greater expectations towards social contribution by corporate members, Takamatsu Construction Group will respond positively towards "Environment, Social and Governance" issues by each of our Group companies striving to maximize our professional fields of business and our corporate value.


<SDGs Contribution Revenue>

In April 2019, our new Mid Term Plan "Create! 2022" was launched. In this 「Create!2022」, we started to disclose “How much of the Group's revenue correspond to the 17 goals set by SDGs” as “SDGs Contribution Revenue”.

For FY Mar 2019, “SDGs Contribution Revenue” accounted for 25% of the Group's total revenue. We believe that initiatives for the SDGs are indispensable for the long-term growth of the Group, and we will continue to expand businesses that are compliant with the SDGs.



①Promote renewable energy
 civil engineering revenue directly linked to renewable energy(Wind Power Generation ProjectSolar Power Generation Project

②Ecological materials and methods
 Construction revenue earned using ecological materials and methods


①Provide safe residential buildings with a long life expectancy
 Architectures with its strength exceeding Buildings Standards Act by more than 15%

②Sustain safe, comfortable & high-quality living standards 
 Large-scale building renovation

③Succession of traditional architecture culture/buried cultual property
 Architecture of shrines and temples, preservation of archaeological resources

④Housing services for the elderly
 operating of elderly housing with services