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Notes concerning Delivery of Shareholder Benefits


We are happy to announce that we decided to deliver the following shareholder benefits for this fiscal year.

Shareholder Benefit :
Koshi-Hikari rice (new rice of the year, harvested in Minami Uonuma)

Delivery Date :
For individual shareholders :
October 26 (Saturday) or 27 (Sunday), 2019

For corporate shareholders :
October 28 (Monday), 2019

Although the above delivery dates are arranged with Daimaru Matsuzaka-ya Department Store, please note that the actual delivery date may have some delay.

"Koshi-Hikari harvested in Minami-Unuma" will be delivered as follows:

Years of Ownership
Less than 5 years More than 5 years
Number of shares More than 100 and less than 500 shares 5kg 5kg
More than 500 shares 5kg 10kg(2 packs of 5kg package)

Note : Years of ownership will be judged by whether the shareholder owns more than 500 shares for the latest consecutive 5 years on March 31 of each year, as well as the shareholder number remains the same for the abovementioned five years.