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Takamatsu Construction Group has celebrated its centenary in 2017. We started our business back in 1917 as a small subcontractor in Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, and grew our business to set up a unique proposal-based real estate utilization business of building condominiums for rental purpose. Along with successful growth of this core business, our Group tackled positively with M&A opportunities for more than fifteen years. It is often said that "M&A doesn't work for the Japanese construction companies. It simply ends up in decrease of incoming orders". However, we have transformed ourselves into a group of construction companies with a wide range of specialties.
As of today, Takamatsu Construction Group consists of Takamatsu Corporation as our founding company, together with Takamatsu Techno Service, Takamatsu Estate that organically derived from Takamatsu Corporation, dealing in reforms, total building management, respectively.
In addition, many companies joined our Group through M&A; Asunaro Aoki Construction (General construction company with reputation for its high technical capability), Mirai Construction (Strength in marine civil engineering), Toko Geotech (A major player in slope protection), Suminoe Kogei (High-end interior), Kongo-Gumi (The oldest company in Japan, dealing in shrines and temples architecture), Nakamura Shaji (The eighth oldest company in Japan, dealing in shrines and temples architecture in Nagoya Area) and Shimada-Gumi (Excavation and research of archaeological resources). In addition, Mibu Corporation, dealing in real estate business, joined our Group from April 2, 2018, while Tatsumi Planning, designing, construction and repairs of wooden independent residence, joined our Group from May 2019. Through these organic and M&A expansions, we were able to develop ourselves into a unique group of 21 professional companies comprised of a holding company and 20business establishments.

The following is a part of our Group Philosophy;.
The directions of all Takamatsu Group Companies are One
All Takamatsu Group Companies mutually respect uniqueness of the Companies
All Takamatsu Group Companies try to harmonize cooperation and competition within the Group

Although there are various courses and reasons for joining our Group, we respect the authority of each Group companies including maintaining their original corporate names and organizations as much as possible, and by doing so, we believe the employees can tackle with their jobs with pride and dignity. In the world of natural science it is often said that species with diversity has higher chance of survival rather than specifically evolved species when they need to adopt to environment changes. Due to our diversity, we believe we are highly sustainable and likely to survive in the Japanese and global construction industry that are subject to face large scale environment changes in the future.

Takamatsu Construction Group is a group of professional construction companies striving to become #1 in their own professional fields by developing each company's own strengths. We also strive to achieve high quality of work to lead into satisfaction of our customers which should then turn into ultimate delight of ourselves. This is how we were able to achieve our centenary, and this is how we will challenge our next century.

President & Representative Director of the Board

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