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Takamatsu Construction Group

TCG Group is a group of 19 companies specializing in the construction industry. Takamatsu Construction Group Co.,Ltd. is a holding company, The five main companies are Takamatsu Corporation, which builds rental condominiums as land use; Asunaro Aoki Construction, a medium-sized general contractor; Mirai Construction, a marine civil engineering company; Toko Geotech, a slope and fireproof construction company; and Takamatsu House, a wooden detached housing business.

Takamatsu Corporation Co.,Ltd.

Takamatsu Corporation

Designing and construction of various architectures such as condominiums for rental purpose, buildings, factories and condominiums for senior citizens with care services.

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Takamatsu Techno Service Co.,Ltd.

Takamatsu Techno Service

Renovation, repairs and building maintenance.

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Takamatsu Estate Co.,Ltd.

Takamatsu Estate

Administration of buildings and condominiums, as well as overall real estate business

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Suminoe Kogei Co.,Ltd.

Suminoe Kogei

High end exclusive furniture, design & construction of renovation of residential and commercial facilities

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Kongo Gumi Co.,Ltd.

Kongo Gumi

Designing and construction of shrines, temples and religious facilities. Repairs and refurbishment of national treasures and important cultural architectures.

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Nakamura Shaji Co.,Ltd.

Nakamura Shaji

Designing, construction and refurbishment of shrines, temples and religious facilities in Chubu Region.

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Takamatsu Build Co.,Ltd.

Takamatsu Build

Wooden detached housing business, wooden apartment business, and wooden land utilization business in the Tokyo metropolitan area

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Taisho Kogyo Corporation

Taisho Kogyo Corporation

Design, construction, and renovation business of condominiums, offices, and stores in Takatsuki City and other areas in Hokusetsu, Osaka Prefecture

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Asunaro Aoki Construction Co.,Ltd.

Asunaro Aoki Construction

Large scale civil engineering (dams, tunnels, bridges), unmanned civil engineering, commercial facilities, skyscrapers, designing and construction of condominiums for sales purpose

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Shimada Gumi Co.,Ltd.

Shimada Gumi

Excavation, research, analysis and preservation of archaeological resources

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Mirai Construction Co.,Ltd.

Mirai Construction

Harbor, marine and environment protection civil engineering, designing and construction of residential, cultural and business related facilities

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Aoki Marine Co.,Ltd.

Aoki Marine

Reclamation, dredging, harbor and river civil engineering, maritime logistics

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M's Co.,Ltd.


Repairs, renewal, maintenance, and renovation of office buildings

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Toko Geotech Co.,Ltd.

Toko Geotech

Designing and engineering of slope protection, ground improvement, blasting construction, cooling and fireproofing utilities. Sales of fireproof materials

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Takamatsu House Co.,Ltd.

Takamatsu House

Sales and Planning of wooden independent residence in Tokyo Metro Area

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Mibu Corporation Co.,Ltd.

Mibu Corporation

Real estate sales and mediation in Tokyo Metro Area

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Takamatsu House Kansai Co., Ltd.

Takamatsu House Kansai

Operation, planning and sales of wooden detached housing and related businesses mainly in the Kansai region

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Takamatsu Construction Group USA Inc.

Takamatsu Construction Group USA

Takamatsu Construction Group USA Inc. will practice C & C (Consult & Construct) in the United States, from building renovation work to design, construction and real estate utilization.

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