Disclosure Policies

Basic Policy on Information Disclosure

Following the Timely Disclosure Rules set by the Tokyo Stock Exchange and regulations relating to the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, Takamatsu Construction Group Co., Ltd. (herein referred to as "the Company") will disclose information based on transparency, fairness, and continuity.
Additionally, even for information not related to the Timely Disclosure Rules, the Company will fairly and proactively disclose information that the Company believes to be useful to comprehend the Company.

How We Disclose Information

We will register and disclose information in accordance with the Timely Disclosure Rules by using Timely Disclosure of Information Transmission System (TDnet) provided by Tokyo Stock Exchange, after prior registration to Tokyo Stock Exchange. At the same time, the information disclosed by the Timely Disclosure Information Transmission System will also be listed on the Takamatsu Construction Group Co., Ltd`s. website ( https://www.takamatsu-cg.co.jp/eng/index.html, herein referred to as "this Site"), however, not all the disclosed information is published on this Site. Additionally, there maybe cases where the expression of information disclosed may differ with the other methods.

Predicted Business Results and Future Forecast

The information relating to future forecasts and predicted business results published on this Site is judged by the Company based on the available information at the time of disclosure and includes potential risk and possibility of uncertainty. For actual business results, etc., please understand that the outcome of results may differ widely from the forecasts due to various factors.

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