Corporate Philosophy

Group Principles

1. Unified Goal

The directions of all Takamatsu Group Companies are One.

2. Respect Independence

All Takamatsu Group Companies mutually respect uniqueness of the Companies.

3. Cooperate and Compete

All Takamatsu Group Companies try to harmonize cooperation and competition within the Group.

4. Value Standard

All Takamatsu Group Companies, Directors and Employees will think about corporate profit when making value decisions. However, this applies within the principle of good faith.

Management Credo

We conduct the construction business as a mutually complimentary activity vital to society.

Three Basic Credo

1. Management Goal

We are committed to conduct all Group activities to earn an excellent reputation among all stakeholders of our Group. We aim to link our activities to lead into the growth of the total corporate value of the Group.

2. Management Attitude

To accomplish the Management Goal, we seek bigger growth and higher profitability. However, our credo is to refuse to overly prioritize profitability. For example, we will never use improper or fraudulent methods nor seek speculative profits.

3. Raison d'etre of Takamatsu Construction Group Co.,Ltd.

As the holding company of the Group, Takamatsu Construction Group Co.,Ltd. shall make sure all our Group Companies respect and follow the Group Principles. We shall appropriately lead the management of all Group Companies to lead into growth of our Group and to contribute to the society.

Action Principles

  1. We shall take full responsibility to construct buildings that are safe and useful to society, and it is our pleasure to earn satisfaction and trust from all our stakeholders including our customers.
  2. We shall always think and act based on eternal and true corporate benefit, so that the society will recognize us as a good company.
  3. We shall recognize the importance of compliance, and always act fairly and faithfully in accordance with high standards requested by the society.
  4. We shall draw a distinct line between work and private, and never request nor receive personal benefits nor interest from our business partners.
  5. As independent individuals, we shall always improve ourselves and fix the wrong with bravery.
  6. We shall respect the diversity, the personality and the individuality of our colleagues, cooperate to build a pleasant working environment and work as a team.
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