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Takamatsu Construction Group : Our Goal

The Philosophy of Takamatsu Construction Group is to conduct the construction business as a mutually complementary activity vital to society. We are committed to conduct all Group activities to earn an excellent reputation among customers, business partners, shareholders, other stakeholders as well as general public. We aim to link our activities to lead into the growth of total corporate value of our Group. To accomplish this objective, we seek for bigger growth and higher profitability. However, our credo is to refuse to overly prioritize profitability. For example, we will never use improper or fraudulent methods nor seek speculative profits.

Japan's Domestic Construction Investment and TCG

1.We expect current level of domestic construction investment to continue until FY 2022/3.
2.TCG will continue its pace of growth since start of Abenomics and continue to uplift market share.
3.Takamatsu Corporation will seek further growth, while Asunaro Aoki focuses on profitability increase under stable growth.

Mid Term Plan to March 2022

Mid-Term Plan "Create! 2022"(FY March 2020~FY March 2022)

In April 2019, we started a new Mid-Term Plan "Create! 2022". Takamatsu Construction Group will continue to grow with five pillars of "Create".

"Create!2022" : The Five "Creates"

1. Takamatsu Corporation continues to be the main engine to realize "High-growth", while all Group companies strive to realize "High profit".
2. To realize the above, "Create Group Culture that Respects Diversity and Compliance" will be continued, while maximizing "Creation of Synergy Effect" in the Group and "Create New Business Domain" mainly by conducting M&As.
3. Through the above, "Create Value towards Economy, Society and Environment" will be continued.

※The above information is as of 05/13/2019