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Principles of our Corporate Governance

Takamatsu Construction Group is committed to conduct all Group activities to earn an excellent reputation among all stakeholders of our Group, including our customers and our shareholders. Thus, we conduct our business by securing transparency and fairness for our decisions. We also conduct dynamic management by utilizing sufficient resources and conducting quick and decisive decisions. To implement the above, we are strengthening our corporate governance by following the below principles;
  1. 1
    Respect shareholders' rights and secure fairness
  2. 2
    Cooperate appropriately with various stakeholders
  3. 3
    Conduct appropriate disclosure of corporate information and secure transparency
  4. 4
    Accept non-executive directors such as independent external directors of the board so that it will lead into increased control effectiveness at the board of directors meeting.
  5. 5
    Conduct constructive communication with shareholders that possess investment policies matching with mid to long term interest of our shareholders.

Corporate Governance Structure

Corporate Governance Reports (English not available)

Reasons for appointment of board members (English not available)

Skill matrix for board members (English not available)

Analysis and evaluation of effectiveness of board of directors meeting (English not available)